Found Fortunes

I love fortune cookies! I like to leave them in places like my wallet or my bag and then when I find them again later, I feel like they are imbued with a sort of fortune cookie energy. For this reason sometimes I put specific ones in specific places. For example, I have one in my wallet about investments. I also just like to collect and keep ones I like in general! I thought it might be fun to share them here. I also want to make pixel versions of the fortunes to show off, too! If you'd like, once I have those up here, you can feel free to copy them to your own site to maybe give it some fortune cookie energy! :)

As you can see below I've started working on uploading and making pixel versions but... I don't know if I like the design yet. I'm going to keep chipping away at it and adjusting! :)

One thing to note is that I tried to use my own font but maybe I'll use one of these... (This is mostly a note to myself)
Another note to myself is that I think I should make the size of the fortune wider, especially since i ran out of room on a line where there should have been more owrds according to the original fortune.